About Paleo Plan and Our Paleo Expert Team

Our goal at Paleo Plan is to make eating and living Paleo as easy and affordable as possible for you. For that reason, we’ve created a weekly Paleo diet meal plan service and a couple of Paleo Books to help make eating Paleo easier for you. And to make exercising and getting fit simple and affordable, we created PaleoFit.

Paleo Plan Team

Sally Barden Johnson, Registered and Licensed Dietitian

Sally JohnsonI am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian with a Masters of Arts Degree in Applied Physiology. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in American Studies from Rutgers University, I went back to school and turned my intense interest in food into a career. I completed my course requirements at Hunter College of the City of New York, an internship at Harlem Hospital, and I passed the RD exam. I topped off my education at Teacher’s College of Columbia University.

I spent many years working in clinical and community settings as a traditional dietitian before discovering and adopting a Paleo/Primal lifestyle. With growing awareness of the evidence mounting against the efficacy of mainstream nutrition principles and the obvious signs of decline in the health status of children and adults including myself, I walked into my local CrossFit, went Paleo and changed my life.

I started CrossFitting three times a week, gave up grains, dairy (with the exception of butter), legumes, highly processed oils and sugar and incredible things happened. My digestion improved, I gained muscle, lost fat, and resolved a host of inflammatory health issues, some so quickly that I was stunned. My friends could see a difference in me right away. They told me I looked “brighter” which was exactly how I felt. That uninvited heavy brain fog, long settled in, was lifting and letting in the light. In just a few months, my Paleo-CrossFit journey had taken me to a place I had been trying in vain to get to for 20 years with traditional methods. It turns out all I had to do was EAT REAL FOOD and workout at a level a bit beyond my comfort zone a few times a week. I now share this newly found knowledge gained through experience with anyone willing to listen.

I currently live in San Antonio Texas where I lead Paleo cooking classes and work with clients to find the best nutritional solutions to their health issues within a Paleo framework. When I’m not working and researching all things Paleo/Primal, I enjoy spending quality family time with my husband who is a military Orthopaedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Specialist, our two very active teenagers, and our dog, Spots. My role at Paleo Plan involves blogging, posting original recipes, answering comments and questions and working on various projects.
Sally Johnson’s Articles

Aimee McNew, Certified Nutritionist

Aimee McNew

I am a Certified Nutritionist who practices functional and integrative nutrition therapy. I hold a Master’s in Nutrition Therapy (Nutrition Therapy Institute, 2014) and specialize in Paleo nutrition, women’s health, fertility, autoimmunity, and digestive issues. I currently live in Fort Wayne, Indiana where I am a consulting nutritionist and contributing blogger for PaleoPlan. I am also a freelance writer and own a private nutrition practice. I started eating Paleo in 2006 when my health started to deteriorate. I didn’t know it was Paleo at the time, but by ditching grains, dairy, and refined sugar, I ate my way back to health. My energy levels and mood are always amazing when I am living 100% Paleo!

I firmly believe in the unique individuality of every person, and therefore, don’t think that “one size fits all” diets work. The Paleo diet is so customizable, however, that I believe it can be right for just about everyone. In fact, I’ve never met someone who it wouldn’t work for! Some benefit from eating mostly vegetables or raw foods with smaller amounts of meat and fat, while others thrive on higher levels of grassfed meats, free range eggs, and healthy fats. Either way, Paleo can meet all of these needs and more. As a nutritionist who believes strongly in Paleo, it is thrilling to me to be able to take a single mindset (primal living) and tweak it to fit the specific needs for many individuals. I have yet to meet a person who regretted “going Paleo.” It may initially feel like a tough transition, but the payout is always incredible. With resources like PaleoPlan to help you make the change and continue on the journey, there’s no reason not to give Paleo a try.

I started out in my early twenties with a career in writing, but when my health started to plummet, I gave up on those dreams. It took me several years to regain any energy and stamina from a combination of Hashimoto’s disease, fibromyalgia, celiac disease, chronic anemia, chronic viral infections (that put me on bed rest for months at a time), IBS, and genetic issues, and when I had energy again I found I had a new passion: nutrition. Instead of pursuing further education in writing (my plan had always been to get a Master of Fine Arts degree), I turned to holistic nutrition. I chose Nutrition Therapy Institute because of the strength of the educational program that is soundly backed by science. I believe that both science and medicine will continue to prove how beneficial Paleo and primal living is, starting with the recent studies released showing that saturated fat isn’t killing us after all.

In my spare time, you will often find me reading or researching about more obscure nutritional or genetic topics, as well as reading the occasional novel (I love literary fiction). I have been known to write short stories, am addicted to Law & Order on Netflix, and spend way too much time on Twitter. I live with my husband (who is a skilled Jazz musician!) and our paranoid Boston Terrier, Gracie.

Aimee McNew’s Articles

Kinsey Jackson, Certified Nutrition Specialist®

kinsey jackson

Hi! My name is Kinsey and I’m a Certified Nutrition Specialist® practitioner, specializing in integrative and functional nutrition. I graduated with summa cum laude honors and my Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, and previously earned my Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology (and a chemistry minor!) with cum laude honors from Western Washington University. I have been licensed as a massage therapist for 15 years, and am close to completing my Pilates instructor training through Balanced Body®. I’m slowly but surely working towards my Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP) and Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) credentials as well. I emphasize functional nutrition and functional movement in my clinical practice, located in Bellingham, WA., as well as provide nutrition services here at Paleo Plan.

In my late twenties I fell very ill after the sudden loss of my beloved father, developing multiple autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, alopecia areata, eczema, and hypothyroidism). I was crippled, bald, covered in painful rashes, and extremely depressed. When my Naturopathic Doctor told me that I needed to quit eating grains and legumes, I thought she was crazy, as I had been eating a vegetarian/vegan diet for nearly 25 years. Thankfully I have a strong background in biology and chemistry, and after intensely researching the biochemical mechanisms by which anti-nutrients from grains and legumes contribute to a leaky gut and subsequent inflammation in the body, I realized that I had no choice but to abandon my long-term vegetarian diet and ‘go Paleo.’ This was one of the most difficult transitions I’ve ever made, as my vegetarian diet had become deeply engrained into my personality as well as my belief system. However, after only a few days of eating Paleo, my symptoms began to subside and I knew there was no turning back. Within a couple of months, my diseases had gone into remission as witnessed by my bloodwork and the disappearance of all of my symptoms. I know that it’s my diet keeping me well, because whenever I ‘faileo’ (and eat something I know I shouldn’t), my symptoms return within a day or two. Going Paleo was hands down the most incredible and inspiring change I have ever made in my life. Since then, I have been on a mission to help others transition to a Paleo/Primal lifestyle, and have had the extreme pleasure of witnessing literally hundreds of individuals overcome their health issues and chronic diseases just by changing their diets.

When you have had your health taken away, and then given back, you can’t help but be completely inspired to do all you can to help others also reclaim their health and vitality. This has become my life’s purpose, and I am so grateful for Paleo Plan’s guidance, which played a huge role in helping me to understand how to eat and prepare Paleo foods, something I was completely unfamiliar with at the time. I have been using the Paleo Plan Quickstart Guide for several years to host 30-day paleo challenges for my clients with great success, and am thrilled to now be a consulting Nutritionist for the company that played a significant role in my journey to become Paleo.

My hobbies include researching and reading, Pilates, mindfulness meditation, playing and composing music, dancing, hiking, boating, and cooking for my family including my adorable wiener dog Pele (who also eats a Paleo diet). I am proud to reign from the great Pacific Northwest and am beyond blessed to live in the beautiful San Juan Islands with my fiancé Matt, who is a commercial salmon and crab fisherman.
Kinsey Jackson’s Articles

Max Shippee, Fitness Guru and CrossFit 1440 Owner

Max Shippe

I grew up in a very small town in northern Maine, minutes from the Canadian border. Growing up in the woods, and being the son of a dance teacher, I’ve been physically active my entire life. I’ve experimented with everything from body building to endurance training, before finding CrossFit and its performance-based approach to lifelong fitness.

Before finding a fit with the Paleo approach to nutrition, I’d tried numerous nutritional practices, including raw food, veganism, and Atkins.

At my gym, CrossFit 1440, I’ve helped people add inches to their vertical leap, and take inches off their waistlines. We’ve even had a few people at the gym who’ve lost over 100 pounds, and a few more lose more than 30. We’ve got some really strong & fast men & women sweating together at our little space. It’s a wonderfully miserable time. I have Level 1, Kids, and Mobility Certifications from CrossFit.

I’m an eclectic kind of guy. I’ve hiked to the top of volcanos in Indonesia, and cycled from Las Vegas to Austin, Texas. I’ve skied the slopes on the East Coast, and been dragged behind a boat in the summer. I’ve driven a snowmobile to school, and a dirt bike to work. I’ve always been the guy who’s had to work hard for my fitness, but I always feel like I’ve been balanced about it. I might be the guy ordering something weird at the restaurant, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to turn down a tequila shot. I believe we should be fit, so we can live life more fully, awesomeness all around.

I like the geeky things in life, including Legos, lasers, and computer operating systems named after cats. And I’m currently in the middle of performing a multiple year sleep-deprivation experiment known as “parenthood”.
Max Shippee’s Articles

Jason Glaspey, Founder

Jason Glaspey

I came to Paleo after starting CrossFit in 2008. Our coach was advocating a Paleo/Zone combination, and it opened my eyes to a whole new way of eating. After a while, my wife and I decided to try pure Paleo, and it just seemed right. The more we read and learned we believed in its principals. However, we also realized how much work it was to pull off. I’m the kind of person who is terribly impulsive, so I make terrible decisions if I haven’t planned ahead for success… especially with food. We also were buying a ton of food and throwing away a significant amount due to improper planning.

Because I’ve formed my professional career helping people make websites and build their businesses online, I immediately planned a resource to help people just like myself. To give them a way to succeed in Paleo by outlining everything they needed to do and eat in order to be prepared while minimizing waste and planning. Paleo Plan was born and I’ve been thrilled to run it ever since.

When I’m not in front of my computer, which is often, I’m hopefully mountain biking in Whistler’s amazing bike park. Or if it’s winter, watching a movie or snowboarding or reading. But there’s a pretty good chance I’m in front of a computer :/


  1. romansellbin

    I’m glad to finally see and learn a little bit about the people who are helping me to achieve a Paleo lifestyle!! Thanks so much for the meals plans. It’s a dietary safety net.

  2. Kat

    Thanks so much for this site! I’ve been reading about Paleo for a couple of months now and it just seems to make sense. I’m gradually working my way to 100% (okay it’ll probably be more like 90%) Paleo. Thanks again for the wonderful site!

  3. messina38

    I just started the Paleodiet.How many calories do I eat a day? I think i’m missing that info.


  4. patgraham5@comcast.net

    Neely and Jason — Enjoyed reading about your backgrounds. Your Paleo Plan has changed my life! All these years I’ve tried so many eating plans, and finally there is one that is healthy, tasteful and adventurous! I truly enjoy cooking with herbs and spices and all the new “food friends” you have brought into my kitchen.

    Q: In February, I subscribed to your menu plan and shopping list for $9.99/mo. I love it! I am wondering if once I become a subscriber, if it is possible to access menus and shopping lists from previous weeks? I’m a busy teacher, and don’t always get around to shopping for the current week that is posted on my dashboard. Can I go back and get menu plans from previous months?

    • Neely

      Thank you so much for your kind words – I’m happy that Paleo Plan is working well for you! Please see our FAQ section for the answer to your question.

  5. Russell

    Hi I am a culinary student and overweight. I have tried every diet out there and have become really leery of any new diet. I also now that I am someone who when I get a bad chocolate craving I go over board to get my fix. I really want to lose weight and be healthier no just for me but my children but ‘m just not sure if this plan really works. I really want to become a member but I really leery is there anything you could tell me that might help me make-up my mind.

    • Neely

      Hi Russell,
      I understand being leery of new diets. What I can say is that a lot of weight issues and cravings come from unbalanced blood sugar and eating too many refined carbohydrates, and the Paleo diet and Paleo Plan help take care of that. Because you’re eating 3 balanced meals and a snack every day (and whatever else you want to add to that), you’re going to avoid having major blood sugar swings. And because the Paleo diet removes all sources of refined carbs, everything you’re eating is full of nutrients and very satiating. Here’s a blog post on losing weight on Paleo Plan and another post on HOW to lose weight on Paleo Plan. If you have any other questions, or if you want individual help (I’m a nutritionist), just email me at neely@paleoplan.com. Good luck!

  6. tjw6150

    I started using your menu plan and shopping list this week and WOW! who styled these recipes? I didn’t see any reference in your bios about being a chef but the recipes are so delicious I have to believe there is a chef somewhere on your ‘team.’ I brought the carrot/banana muffins from this week to work and they were devoured. Nobody knew there wasn’t any flour in them until I told them afterward. When do you typically post the new week of menus and shopping lists. I can hardly wait to get on with the next week. Thank you so much for this invaluable tool!

    • Neely

      Thank you! I’m glad you like the recipes. We’ve borrowed many of the recipes from various other sources (cited in the recipes), but yes, one of our team members has a keen eye for great food. Molly’s done amazing work with the menu planning. And you’ll receive meal plans and grocery lists every Tuesday in your dashboard and via email. Enjoy!

  7. Angelo

    thanks for setting up this website, besides your great services, your website is “so easy to navigate” even a cave man could do it.

  8. Toni

    Hi I am new to this way of eating but so far so good! I have tried over the yrs total raw food fruit veggies and nuts. Vegetarian, anyway none of which included meat..I did notice that there are different ways to do this way of eating. Like eating only meat from grass-fed sources eating it raw or slightly cooked, raw milk or not? Raw cheese and butter lots of veggies and minimal fruit.Some nuts, only if the body likes them. I have noticed my hair is really started growing way more! Overall my body likes this kind of stuff. I do take a digestive enzyme b4 I eat just to insure I completely digest my food. Any comments? Thanx for your input

  9. Steve

    I like the idea of the Paleo plan……….but I’m allergic to tree nuts. I can eat peanuts. Do have a plan for people like me? Let me know, thanks!

    • Neely

      No, we don’t – sorry. And peanuts aren’t Paleo, so they wouldn’t be in any of our recipes. You could try to make it work by just omitting the nuts from the few recipes they’re in and substituting other snacks when the meal plan tells you to eat nuts for snacks. It would be a challenge, but it’s definitely possible. Someday soon we will accommodate the nut challenged!

  10. Michelle

    I’m a little bit confused. I read the Paleo Diet book, and after going through some of these recipes, there are several ingredients that the original book says are forbidden. Any flours, for instance, or agave. So should I go by this site, which is a little more forigiving, or the original, more strict plan? Will I achieve the same results (which, ultimately is to feel better, and be healthier) using this Paleo Plan ?

    • Neely

      We understand your confusion. It’s up to you how strict you want to be with the Paleo diet, but yes, we try to be a little more forgiving with it. The flours we recommend are NOT from grains, though, just so you know. We recommend occasionally using coconut and almond flours, usually for baking, and those foods are Paleo friendly. Where do you see agave on the site? I’ve been trying to rid the site of it, so if you’ve found it somewhere, please let me know. We recommend using honey and coconut sap very sparingly. If you follow the recipes and the plan on this site, you’ll most likely have fantastic results. It’s just a matter of figuring out what works for you. Let us know how it goes!


    After recovering from two serious spinal surgeries with complications. I was talking to my Physical Therapist, he mentioned the Paleo diet. I have tried all the other diets and sure I lost a little here and a little there. Now, I am medically in need of a dietary overhual, lol. I have read alot about this and willing to try it one more time. My issue like so many is the amount of carbs I consume. So, good buy to bad carbs and welcome to a new way of life. Total lifestyle overhual.

  12. Charon

    Thank you SO much for this very very valuable resource. You and all of your hard work are deeply appreciated.

    I’m a full-time RVer and it is sometimes very difficult to properly plan ahead for meals, let alone know what to purchase when we find a Whole Foods or TJs on our route. You have provided the perfect solution.

    My husband and I very much enjoy campfire cooking and all the recipes here can be easily converted for use with our Dutch Oven and campfire griddle. No surprise really, considering that’s how our ancestors cooked.

    I was worried initially that our small RV fridge wouldn’t hold everything we needed for a week, so we split the shopping into first-four and final-three days. The fridge we’re putting into the coach we’re currently renovating will be larger and I’m looking forward to that!

    Thank you again for keeping it real, simple and practical. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult or impossible. Some of us just need operating instructions to get us from here to there.


  13. Lara Rininger

    PB&J???? Really? How is that part of the paleo diet?

    • Neely

      It’s not actually PB&J – maybe we should call it Paleo PB&J to avoid any confusion. The recipe is just some blueberries and almond butter together as a snack.

  14. Hal

    I like the concept for the Paleo plan. I’ve used a similar site for “regular” meal planning for “on sale this week” lists. It is a great site to feed family of 4 for $100/week but shopping/planning for the week, cooking each day just did not fit a busy schedule. Ready to start IronTribe Crossfit program & want to go all in on the plan. Can I prep & cook ahead for a few days? I’m thinking a food vacuum system to plate & seal the meal, refrigerate/freeze would be a good start. what’s the best way to reheat & retain nutritional values: Microwave (nuke), oven, etc…? Tried the raw food style but could not maintain in the real world. Thanks in advance for your feedback Neely!!!

    • Neely

      I think planning and cooking ahead a week or a few days is a fantastic idea! I never suggest that people use the microwave when they can use a toaster oven, a saute pan or the big oven instead (or just eat something cold). There have been studies done that show that the nutrient content in the food decreases by up to 75% after it’s been nuked. I suggest you just take things out of the freezer a day ahead so they defrost and either eat them cold or use a big toaster oven (cooks things faster than you’d think) or the oven. Good luck!

  15. Hal

    ALSO….forgot to add: I do not eat ANY type of seafood. How do I substitute in the meal planning & shopping.

    • Neely

      Just substitute chicken or whatever other meats you love for the seafood. Chicken breasts, turkey cutlets, pork loin, lamb – whatever you like.

  16. Con Mobb

    Can you provide the nutrient (all) values of your daily/weekly meal plans? How does this plan meet the recommended dietary intake values that are supported by evidence based sience?

    • Neely

      Hi Con,

      Sorry, but no, I can’t provide you with the all of the nutrient values for all of the meal plans. They’re always different and we are not finished gathering that data. If you read Cordain’s books on Paleo, he has some fantastic tables in there comparing the nutrient values of the standard American diet to the Paleo diet. Paleo is superior in almost every way.

      Hope this helps.

  17. ccp


    • Neely

      Yes, but you’ll probably need to add more carbs in the form of sweet potatoes, fruit, tapioca, squash and possibly even honey. More fat is super helpful, too.

  18. Kasey

    Hi Jason!

    So I just read the post about phytates and nuts, legumes, and grains…so what does that mean in regards to cooking with almond flour?

    • Neely

      Hi Kasey,
      It means that you could 1) make your own nut flour from soaked nuts or 2) you could use nut flour sparingly, just as you would eating nuts. It’s a tricky topic, and it’s not worth that much attention unless you have gut issues. If you have decent gut health, just don’t make your main source of calories nuts and you should be good. If they bother you, process them correctly (sprouting, soaking, etc.) or don’t eat them. Good luck!

  19. bdromey

    Is it possible to create a pick and choose menu that creates the shopping list in the process? How cool would that be?

    • Neely

      @bdromey – That would be pretty cool, but unfortunately, we’re not there yet. Someday, hopefully soon!

  20. asd

    You should really reference the information you use in your articles, especially when you make “controversial” statements. Without them, everything sounds like an opinion piece rather than fact-based information. Otherwise you have a great site here! I think having reliable references would put you guys ahead of a lot of the other crocks out there and turn a lot more people over to Paleo.

    • Neely

      ASD – Thanks for the suggestion. I do try to put in as many links as I can in the blog posts, whether they’re to journal articles, other blog posts that cite journal articles, or actual pdf’s of research. Some of my posts really are opinion pieces, though, and the opinions are often substantiated by previous blog posts. However, there’s always room for more citations, and I’ll work on it. The goal is, as you said, to turn more people over to Paleo, and if that’s what it takes, we’ll do it! Thanks again.

  21. Chad Zeluff

    Hi Neely,

    I’m a 25yr old programmer – it’s a desk job. I’ve always been thin (because I’ve never had large portions), but even eating lightly, I recently began gaining a stomach!

    I signed up with Paleo plan today, did the grocery shopping (never bought so many veggies in my life), made lunch for tomorrow, and prepped for breakfast. I wanted to say thank you! Not just for the recipes, but for telling me WHAT to buy, WHEN to buy it, and WHICH meal it’ll be used in. I rarely ‘crave’ specific meals like most people, so I’m very happy to have a website where someone just TELLS me what I’m going to be eating.

    And for what it’s worth, I’ve hated most veggies ever since I was a child! But I tried two recipes before signing up (Spicy Tuna Salad, Simple Stuffed Portobello) and was instantly sold. Your business model — recipes are free and open to the public, but you charge for the grocery list and meal plan — is SUPERB!

    I just had one question: how often do new recipes get added? While it is an extensive list, I will be looking forward to seeing new additions up on the site.


    Chad Zeluff, Utah

    • Neely

      Hi Chad,

      We’re so glad you like the plan! I hope it continues to work for you, and that you get rid of your surprise belly :) We add new recipes sort of randomly as we or our members find them. Last month we added quite a few – maybe 15 or so. The month before we probably added 3. So they definitely show up, but I can’t give you a definite amount per month you’ll see them. They are marked as “new” on the recipes list, though, for the first week or so that they’re up. If you come across any yourself, please feel free to let us know!

      Thanks again,

  22. Beachmama

    What can be substituted for Almond flour if a family member has a nut allergy? Btw, thanks for your forward thinking Jason it really provides a fantastic service.


  23. Beachmama

    Neely, hi this in regards to the above question. I think I found a solution to using Almond flour/ meal. What about Flax meal instead, wouldn’t this work? Let me know your thoughts, thanks!

    • Neely

      @Beachmama – Flax meal is fine, although it won’t work exactly like almond flour. I’d try using a combo of tapioca, coconut and flax. We use flax meal in one of our pizza crust recipes and it’s amazing! Let us know how it goes!

  24. Nancy

    Is walnut oil okay to use? I’m just starting and learning.

    • Neely

      @Nancy – Yes, it’s fine. Just use it in its raw form, since it contains a lot of fragile omega fatty acids (3 and 6) that will be ruined if you heat them up.

  25. Brittany

    This all sounds great, but… How much does it cost?

    • Neely

      Hi Brittany – Paleo Plan is a monthly subscription. Here’s a link to our main page with more details.

  26. jengaines

    Hi guys! First off just let me say that I love the recipes you have, I have not been disappointed yet! I am a big fan of protein bars but it seems most, or all, of them contain soy, peanuts, or other non-Paleo ingredients. Do you think you will have a recipe for paleo-friendly protein bars anytime soon?

  27. Kris

    Wanted to know if Paleo works with pescotarian? Where can i get more info?

  28. joco112

    Are these recipes OK for weight loss?

    • Neely

      @joco112 – Yep!

  29. angelica

    Hello I just have a question, I have been wondering after reading all the info, is it expensive when it comes to buying the groceries for the week? just an estimate please. I leave in Arizona

  30. Amanda

    I am seeing quite a bit of use of coconut on this plan, I am allergic to coconut, any substitue or solution for that?

    • Neely

      @Amanda – I’ve been seeing this with readers more and more lately. Maybe I’ll write a blog post on it. We use coconut milk, coconut flour, and coconut flakes on the meal plan occasionally, although it’s not very often. Coconut flour can be substituted with almond flour, but you’ll use less liquid than you would with coconut flour. Coconut milk can usually be substituted with almond milk, cashew milk, or sometimes just plain water and oil depending on the recipe. And coconut flakes can be substituted with nuts or seeds or just taken out of the recipe altogether.

  31. Jennifer

    Is the Paleo Plan able to customize for food allergies? I am allergic to hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, and pine nuts. I can eat Almonds and will be trying a cashew to see if those are possible too. I need help getting started as I know this is the healthiest approach to eating but most plans contain the nuts I am allergic to and then I get frustrated as to where to go next.

    • Neely

      Hi Jennifer – We don’t really use all that many nuts besides almonds or almond flour occasionally in our meal plan. If something called for some other nut, you could always just sub out almonds for it no problem. I don’t eat nuts, either, just so you know.


  32. Jim Gill

    I have an awesome recipe for a carrot dish, that I am pretty sure is Paleo. May I share it?

    • Neely

      @Jim Gill – yes, please! You can send it to neely@paleoplan.com


  33. Courtney

    Hi Neely
    I’ve been reading with so much interest about the Paleo Plan after some friends recommended this way of eating who I do Crossfit with. I’m just wondering if you have had any feedback or information on it’s healing effects in regards to alopecia. My 10 year old son has this condition and we are doing many things to combat incl going gluten free – zinc, fibroplex, DHA and vitamin A supplements. He has embraced the gluten free eating but Paleo is definately another leap for him.

    • Neely

      @Courtney – I can’t say I’ve dealt with this, and I can’t find much about how Paleo would help. I’m betting you’ve had doctors look into the matter with blood work, etc.? If so, have they looked into his hormonal balance, as well? I’d start there, but then say that it definitely wouldn’t HURT to try Paleo with him. Try it for a couple of months and see if it doesn’t balance things out.

  34. Jess

    I was diagnosed with celiac disease 3 years ago and have been following a gluten-free diet since. Lately I’ve been finding that this diet really isn’t helping me like it used to (i.e. GI problems are reappearing). I also have been having a lot of other health problems lately like vitamin B12 deficiency and have had to get monthly injections. I have so many complaints about the gluten-free diet and honestly am so sick of it. It’s so expensive and its really starting to take a toll on my bank account. How is this diet on the wallet? Do you think this diet would help the GI issues and B12 deficiency? I’m very interested.

    • Neely

      @Jess – Yes, I do think it would help with the GI issues. The Paleo diet is notorious for helping people with that. B12 you may have to supplement for a while, but by eating more meat, you’ll be getting more B12. I don’t know what’s causing the gluten free diet to be expensive. Are you buying all kinds of gluten free treats/breads/pastas that are very expensive? The Paleo diet can be more expensive than a normal SAD diet, so I wouldn’t expect it to be cheap. But people eat this way on anything from $200-$600 a month, depending on how much organic/pasture raised/grass-fed foods you’re buying and whether or not you buy things in bulk.

  35. Jamie

    I have PCOS and have tried several different diets to try and lose the weight to feel better. I generally am intolerant to most carbohydrates, and I have some food allergies to contend with that makes it difficult. Is this something that Paleo can help with?

    • Neely

      @Jamie – The short answer is yes. Definitely. Hashimoto’s is strongly correlated with grains, and gluten in particular. PCOS is all about insulin resistance, and this diet can get even the most insulin resistant people to have normal blood sugar/insulin levels. I’d give it a shot!

  36. Jamie

    I also have Hashimoto’s disease, which gives me hypothyroidism…. I forgot to add that!

  37. Mel

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism over a year ago and was recently told that I have chronic thyroid disease. About 6 months after being diagnosed I started noticing weight gain. I have always been very thin and have gained about 30 lbs. I’m on medication but my symptoms are worse than they were before I was diagnosed. Doctors just keep telling me that mt TSH levels are fine and the weight gain comes with the disease. I was recently reading another blog and this diet was mentioned. Is this diet helpful for my condition and help me feel better and lose the weight?

    • Neely

      Mel – Yes. I’d give it a try. If you want help, let me know – I do Personal Paleo coaching that might be helpful with your specific condition. Either way, though, I hope you try it out and I hope it works for you!

  38. Karla Smilie

    Can I make my own meal plans if given a list of “can have” foods. I have diabetes (26 years) and am now on insulin (40 units once a day). I want to change my diet and improve my health but I would like to see a food list not a meal plan. Is this possible. Thanks, Karla

  39. Christina

    Hi! I am on week 2 of the paleo plan and so far so good. i have a quick question… I have lupus and so have cut out all the nightshade family foods in my diet, too. so do you have a good substitute for tomatoes and / or peppers in your recipes? I didn’t make the chili from week one b/c of the tomatoes (instead i made a sort of beef stew in the crock pot). any advice would be helpful! thanks! christina

    • Neely

      Christina – Wellll… you may not get that tomato-ey taste from anything, but you can replace the sour with vinegar or lemon? And for the watery quality of it, replace it with a little broth of your choosing. Other than that, the peppers can really be replaced with any crunchy veggies, so celery, cabbage, carrots, etc. Hope that helps.

  40. Jen

    Christina – have you tried making Nomato sauce? Might not work for every recipe but it’s great for anything calling for tomato sauce. I love it for chili!

  41. Steve Reupert

    I was looking for some paleo recipes and I will have to say it was pleasantly surprising to see all the information you have provided. Thanks Neely!!! – Reupert

    • Neely

      Steve! Awesome to see you on here! Let me know if you have questions :)

  42. Tye Eyden

    Nice Work on the Site Neely & friends, super easy to navigate and learn. Very Very Cool! Hope you are well!

    • Neely

      Thanks, Tye! Hope you’re doing well, too. :)

  43. Corrado

    How, if at all, would you modify your approved food list for someone with high cholestrol?

  44. Colleen

    Hello! I ran across a friend mentioning the Paleo Diet in FB. I just wanted to get some info on the plan so I can see if this is for me and my family. Thank You. Colleen

  45. Kim Glassner

    I love your site, it has such great info! I was wondering if you had any suggestions for alternatives to Almond Flour. Is there another nut flour that can be used in its place and do I need to make any changes to the recipie for that?

  46. eleigh80

    My husband has MS and is always tired and feeling yuck. I wondered if you have any success stories regarding MS? Also this will be our first week on this new plan any first timer advice?

  47. Becky

    Hi Neely,

    I saw your diet mentioned on Dr. Dowd’s blog page. It looks very appealing but how viable is for someone who has diabetes, celiac disease and severe Vitamin D deficiency. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  48. Danielle

    Hello! I have been looking into doing this for quite some time and I am thankful for your site!!! I thought the recipes would be boring and tasteless, but these all look amazing!!!

    I do have one question for you. I am a runner, currently only running half marathons, but looking to train for full. Am I going to get ALL of the nutrition I need in order to keep up my energy and refuel my body after long runs? I know this is ultra healthy, but I am afraid I will be missing out on some key items like CARBS.

  49. Laurie

    I am allergic to peanuts and almonds. What is a good substitute for almond/ peanut butter and almond flour?

    • Neely

      Laurie – check out cashew butter or any other nut butter you think would taste good.

  50. Carl

    I just signed up with We Want Paleo because I would love to have more options when I go out to eat. Do you know of a website where folks can list Paleo-friendly restaurants? I work at one and want people to know about it!

  51. NiftyDeb

    So glad you have a Plan! It’s only lunch time and day one has been an interesting culinary experience and I LOVE it. How can I tell if I’m staying Paleo? I’ve check your lists of what to use and what to stay away from and think I’m getting the gist of it. I didn’t have left over Chicken and rosemary and green beans so I created a most delightful salad using the ingredients with my left over roasted chicken, a handful of salad greens, my homemade reduced balsamic vinegar combined with a low fat poppy seed and raspberry vinaigrette. I hope it’s Paleo because it was wonderful! The hazelnuts really added texture and “pop”. I’m off to measure myself so I can watch my progress. P.S. My first shopping stop was at the local “99 cent only store”. Brand name spinach salad with blueberries and almonds makes 4 servings, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, artichokes, bananas, blueberries, and fresh chilis all a buck. You have to really watch the freshness and don’t touch it if even one of the items looks damaged or over ripe. It sure did help with the cost for the rest of my purchases from Fresh & Easy.

  52. antonietta

    hello, i am only now getting into eating paleo and found it an amazing way of life. i was just wondering what it takes to become a paleo coach? were there courses you had to do? i really want to learn more about this way of eating

    • Neely

      antonietta – Well, there are a lot of ways to go about getting a nutrition degree or certificate. There’s no formal Paleo coaching certificate, although I believe there are some in the works right now. I’d just do a search online for nutrition programs and see if there’s anything in your desired location. Good luck!

  53. Jeannie

    Hi – my wife and I are working on doing Paleo 100%. Do you know of any good restaurants in town that support this type of eating? I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago and there was a ‘Paleo’ night that was awesome! Great website and resources by the way – thanks!

    • Neely

      Jeannie – Do you mean “in town” in Boulder? Where do you live? If in Boulder, we go to Shine, the Kitchen, and H Burger, but a lot of their stuff isn’t totally Paleo. They’re the best we’ve been able to find, though, and the most knowledgable waitstaff.

  54. Kelly Roberts

    I feel a bit speechless here in trying to describe how amazing your website is! My husband and I have recently begun changing our food lifestyle (as I like to call it) over the past few weeks. A coworker and I were discussing eating habits, in general, and she asked if I have ever heard of the Paleo/Caveman diet. I hadn’t, so in true Kelly-like fashion, I began my research. I am SO happy to have found you all. I have solely been using your site to help me plan my meals. All but one recipe has come out VERY tasty and very easy to make. For some reason, when I made the Beef Stew, I sorely overcooked my beef. I’m not sure what happened since I followed the recipe exactly. Then again, I am known to have a clashing relationship with beef and water! Meaning, I somehow overcook it.
    Anyway, I am so glad you are in existence. This way of eating is amazing. It’s easier on the grocery list, and I’m a little stunned at how much it has decreased my bouts of hypoglycemia. I was starting to get very concerned about that. We don’t eat to lose weight, although, I think that is a “side effect” of eating the Paleo way because we are. We have just been really wanting to eat “cleaner” and truer to nature. Thank you for helping us along the way!

    • Neely

      Kelly Roberts – Thank you so much for your kind words! We love hearing about people’s success with the diet and even more when we’ve had something to do with it. So congrats on your recent lifestyle change and keep up the good work!

  55. Sara Pooley

    I have been sort of doing paleo for a couple months now but not fully. I would like to get better at it though in conjunction with my crossfit workouts which I am improving on also (speed, weight, etc.)

    My question is if the meals come with serving sizes and calorie/nutritional content? I am trying to lose weight and I have found the only way to do that is to track my food so that I am not overeating. I associate for my workouts with my calories so that I am not under eating as well. I would love to try this as it seems like it takes the guess work out and is easy, I just still need to be able to track the amount of food I am eating and serving sizes.

    I also was wondering how much fruit is involved? I love fruit but I eat too much of it and need to eat more veggies so I am not eating so much sugar which will help me lose weight faster.


    • Neely

      Sara Pooley – Thanks for your interest in the Plan! Almost all of the recipes have nutritional info at the bottom when you’re logged in as a member (calories, carbs, protein, fat). And we don’t include more than like 1 or 2 servings of fruit on any given day and sometimes not even that much. You can always just not eat/buy the fruit that’s called for in the meal plan, too.

  56. Yvonne

    I’ve been looking forward to doing paleo for a while and was so excited to find your site, but then disappointed I couldn’t find anything for people with allergies. I can substitute for most of my food allergies easily, but I don’t know what do to about eggs. I’m violently allergic to both white and yolk. It’s severe enough I have to be careful about certain flavorings and vaccinations as well. How do I substitute in these meal plans?

  57. minreece

    I cant rave enough about the recipes. Everything I have made has been perfect in flavor and texture. Even when I was skeptical as I looked at the contents of the recipe, I have been continually pleased by the end result.
    Also, I wanted to mention my type 2 diabetes. I have been resistant to medications and have now taken to changing a few foods and the results have been SUPER! I find Paleo so easy to work into our eating plan.
    I am so thankful for all that you do and provide to those of us in need.

  58. Louise

    Been following PaleoPlan on twitter and just read your latest post on Prepackaged foods! Really love what you’re doing :) I especially love all the recipes you have on the site – I really want to try the crock pot pork loin http://www.paleoplan.com/2009/11-22/crockpot-pork-loin/

  59. Jen

    I have PCOS and came across many stories of the paleo diet reversing the symptoms. I am desperate to improve my acne and hopefully reverse the associated fertility issues with PCOS (as I have read about people achieving on this type of diet). I was curious if you could comment about the average daily carb quanity on the paleo plan. I have read that the lower the carbs the better the results with PCOS.

    Also wanted to let you know I have only been following the diet for 3 days but my skin is already improving. The grocery list and meal plan makes it super easy to follow and the recipes have all been very tasty to my surprise. Thanks so much for helping transition to this style of eating and hopefully changing my life.

  60. Kelly Roberts

    Please help me understand some things about grains. I do understand the problem with wheat, but why are alternative grains such as rice, corn, barley, wild rice, oats, etc. NOT considered Paleo as well? My sister-in-law has Celiac’s disease, and she doesn’t eat wheat, but she will still eat food made with rice, at least. ???

    Also, regarding the beef stew – I want to keep trying to make it (have only made it once), but I’m stumped on how to keep the meat from overcooking. I followed the recipe EXACTLY and my meat was really tough, even though the rest of the stew was fabulous! Haha..go figure.

    I appreciate the feedback!
    Kelly :)

    • Neely

      Kelly Roberts – I recommend that you go to our blog and search the term “grains” and a bunch of stuff will come up to answer your questions. Basically, though, they all contain some combination of anti-nutrients that can be just as bad as gluten for some people. Really hard on your gut. As for the beef stew, sometimes if you cook it for even longer in the liquid it tenderizes it. You could also try cooking it in a crockpot on low for about 6 hours and see if it turns out more tender.

  61. Brent

    I am considering joining your website. I have a question that may appear stupid. When I look at something like the almond pancakes I am assuming that I cannot put syrup on them when following Paleo. Is that correct?

    • Neely

      Brent – It really depends. If you’re trying to lose weight and you’re not active, then the syrup probably isn’t a good idea. But if you get grade B organic real syrup, it’s a pretty Paleo sweetener and can be used in moderation.

  62. Martha Goudey

    I’m lean, 5’3″, 112 #, 66, have high cholesterol (probably genetic). I eat well compared to most people…lots of veggies, have an organic garden, just purchased second year of grass-fed beef. I have stayed away from dairy for the most part (little yogurt and ice cream), stayed away from processed foods, but I have eaten grains and beans and nuts, thinking they were giving me the nutrients I needed (and calories). Have also been using a lot of supplements. Nothing i’ve done has lowered my cholesterol (even though doc says ratios are good, it concerns me), or healed my joint issues, and I have reoccurring IBS, which I have mostly healed.
    I know you can’t say for sure, but will eating a lot more meat and fat raise my cholesterol or possibly have a positive affect. Seems counterintuitive to all I’ve read over the years.
    Only way to know is to try it, I know, but concerns me a little.
    I also can’t afford to lose weight. Will the extra fat and meat work in my favor, you think.
    Also, I read once that eating meat leaches calcium from the bones. Another thing that has made me reluctant to eat more meat…but several years ago I read that eating grass-fed beef is good for women. So go figure.

    • Neely

      Martha Goudey – Before I answer any of these questions, I’m going to ask that you use our search box at the top right of your screen to find out more about these things. They’re really broad topics and I’ve written extensively on them. If you search “grains and legumes” you’ll find at least 3 good articles on just what you’re asking. If you search “high protein” you’ll find a series I wrote on the myths of high protein diets. If you search “cholesterol” you’ll find a lot of info regarding the myths we’ve been fed our whole lives about how eating cholesterol gives us high cholesterol, and that cholesterol is a good marker of heart disease to begin with. Yes, I think you should try the diet, but if you don’t want to lose weight, you need to eat tons of fruit, sweet potatoes, tapioca flour, and perhaps even some honey, depending on how active you are. If you have further questions after reading those articles, please let me know.

  63. Virginia

    I am presently doing research on a paleo lifestyle change. I am putting together as much information as possible before endeavouring to begin this complete change to food philosophy.
    I looked at Dr. Wahl’s TED broadcast which led to more infor, then more. There was a series on YouTube by Dr. William Simpson where he discusses how tomatoes and peppers are detrimental to people with MS because of lectins. Have you heard anything about this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfhJeV-qhjA
    Also, I thought potatoes are not to be consumed. I was surprised to see sweet potato in the Sample Menu.
    I must now dedicate a day to read your blog/site, etc. and add to my breakdown of the paleo lifestyle so I will be fuly armed to begin.
    I spoker with my neurologist this morning and he told me that they had planned to do a clinical trial using the paleo diet about 20 years ago but it was too formidable an undertaking. They figured for it to garner sufficient verifiable results it would have required at leat 3000 participants, would have cost $millions and created a quandry as to whether they should suggest a change in diet or hit new diagnoses with a pharmalogical arsenal. He did tell me that there were no contraindications to following this plan but warned me that it was a dramatic change in diet. I then told him that I, then, have nothing to lose (but weight) and everything to gain!
    I am going to keep a detailed log on every detail about this voyage in the hopes that it will be helpful to those who folllow.
    I am going to ease into some aspects of the plan as I eat very, very little so I have to build myself up to eating the correct mixture of food requirements within my limited consumption.
    I have my work cut out for me.

  64. amy2010@rocketmail.com

    Just wanted to say that I love this site, especially now that you have the link from the menu to the recipes. Thanks!

  65. siemsen68

    I am sooo excited to try this way of eating. I’m trying it and putting my entire family on it. Not sure how much my kids will appreciate it but I know in the long run this will be a good thing for them. I have been over weight since having my second child and just kept gaining weight for each one (I have 4 so you can imagine the weight gain). I have tried many diets including the HCG diet which worked but is really unrealistic when you’re done. My biggest challenge is menus and recipes because I’m definitely not a gourmet chef, so I know that having a shopping list and a menu is going to help me and my family succeed in switching to healthy eating. Thank you for creating this site… wish me luck!!!

  66. Jonathan Ray

    Interesting Neely….that you graduated from UW Madison….as that is where I am sitting right now writing this comment. I have yet to begin the Paleo journey but I think I will be in constant contact with you when I begin your program. About 5 years ago I was diagnosed Type 1 diabetes, suddenly my pancreas just stopped producing insulin. I am completely 100% insulin dependent (I choose to use the pen) after years of not being able to control my blood sugar highs and lows (it’s a constant battle that I am losing) and doing a lot of research about nutrition on my own (GHC is great, but my doctor and diabetes nurse (I love them both)….they never ask me what I am eating, about my nutrition…I’ve decided to make a decision. (honestly) I’m a sugar addict and I never gain weight.(I’m physically fit and look ten years younger than I am) Living in a state of denial, I thought I could manage insulin therapy and still eat like a was a teenager. But I can’t…. That all changes now in 2013! Paleo is the change I need……more to come from JRay! ;-)

  67. dewhitlock

    I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I are enjoying Paleo Plan. Having a grocery list and recipes for the week has had something of a profound effect on our lives. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to come home from a workout at night and know exactly what we’re having for dinner and all the ingredients on hand to prepare it. The “dinner dilemma” is no longer part of our household – thank you. And it might be worth mentioning to anyone thinking of joining that we view the recipes more as a basic structure than something to follow precisely. If we don’t care for something listed in the recipe we simply don’t include it or add something else in its place. This plan is obviously meant to make our lives easier and can be modified to suit anyone’s taste and it’s simple enough to keep it fun and delicious. Thank you to everyone at Paleo Plan and happy holidays!

    • Neely

      dewhitlock – Thank you so much for writing in to tell us this. We love happy members! What you’re describing is exactly what we want to be doing to help people, so that’s great to hear! Best wishes to you and your husband.

  68. Karen

    I thought that beans were a healthy choice of food that provides fiber. Why isn’t it a choice for Paleo?

  69. C2crawford@gmail.com

    How about an iPad app so I can access all this info from my kitchen when I’m making the food and an iPhone app so I can have my shopping list handy when I’m in the store?!


  70. Shannon Clements

    Hi! I am about to start The Whole Life Challange for the second time and want to do better with the nutrition side of it. I just found your site and was looking through it. Do you know of an alternatives to syrup? I need something liquid, force of habit. I’m wanting to expand breakfast food choices. Thank you for any help or ideas! Shannon

    • Neely Quinn

      Shannon Clements – I usually don’t suggest that people eat sweeteners for breakfast, especially if they’re trying to lose weight, but grade b maple syrup, raw honey, and coconut nectar.

  71. Mary

    My husband was questioning my eating green string beans at dinner last night. He thought they were legumes. I thought not. Please clarify. Thanks.

  72. Mary

    RE. Green beans …Sorry, I now know from going to your search! No need to answer again. Love this website. Thanks to the whole team for the wisdom.

  73. cat

    I am allergic to all types of nuts so do you have a substrate for almond meal and almonds?

    • Neely Quinn

      cat – Try coconut flour and tapioca flour about half and half instead of the almond flour. You’ll need to use more liquid with the coconut flour, though. Eggs, juice, coconut milk all work well.

  74. Lisa

    Hi Neely, looking for answers to help with fatigue, which I experience pretty regularly esp if I do too much, which isn’t really much in normal peoples lives, but in mine I have to pace myself continually. I have Hasimotos, am on medication, and am at the end of change of life – I’m 55. I get alot of headaches and insomnia. I have been trying to eat more raw in the last couple of months, but I’m a work in progress. I would like to follow a structured plan, would the Paleo work for me or do I need something more comprehensive? And are there certain foods I should be avoiding and also incorporating? Would love your feedback as I’m at the end of my tether.
    Regards – Lisa from OZ.

    • Neely Quinn

      Lisa – I’d say try Paleo for a few months and see how you do. If you’re still suffering from fatigue, try removing the common Paleo triggers like nuts, eggs, and nightshades. Check out our products for more help getting started at http://www.paleoplan.com/paleo-meal-plans/

  75. Michael

    Hi Neely,

    I am a bit of a case of the ‘bubble boy’ where I have many allergies… Particularly I have an anaphylactic allergy to most white meats (any birds including chicken, and their eggs) and most seafoods.

    Due to the massive whole that this leaves in my diet, I quite often struggle with motivation to exercise or eat healthily, however I would like to start, and soon!

    It appears that the Paleo diet might suit me quit well because of your acceptance of red meats (as you can imagine, these make up almost every meal I have) and the alternatives to eggs that you have listed in your past posts, however I would like to sign up for your website’s Meal Plan option and would like to know if it is a generalised publication or personalised based on allergies to certain ingredients?

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Regards, Michael from Australia.

  76. Traci

    Max mentions “there’s a couple good recipes out there involving sweet potatoes, coconut milk, egg whites and a few other ingredients that are pretty darn tasty” in this blog http://www.paleoplan.com/2011/08-24/post-workout-meals/. Having trouble finding them.. any insight?? Thanks so much!

  77. Kiearea


    My trainer suggested this diet. Honestly I have a few allergies (onions and oranges), and I am just an overall PICKY eater, I like spinach, broccoli as for veggies that’s about it. I’m striking my trainer right now because I am totally frustrated. I see the recipes, but I’m not completely sold. What should I do?

    -SIgned Picky Eater on Strike

  78. messica4891

    I’ve been using Paleo Plan for about 8 months now. It’s the best $9.99 a month that I spend. As a busy college student, this gives me access to great recipes and saves me the trouble and frustration of having to plan out meals and throw together shopping lists. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this website. Thanks, Paleo Plan Team, for all that you do for the paleo community!


    • Neely

      messica4891 – Thank you!! We love hearing things like this – so glad it’s helping :)

  79. June Bizjak

    Dear sirs:
    I recently ordered your cook book about 3-4 weeks ago. I have yet to receive it. My credit card account shows that you receive my money. I was wondering how long does it take for it to arrive in the mail?

    June Bizjak

    • Neely

      June Bizjak – I’m very sorry for any confusion. We don’t send any physical goods out to people. Our ebook is a digital product. I looked and I can’t find your information anywhere in our system, so we’ll need to get some more info from you to find your order. Please email Aubrie at support@paleoplan.com and we’ll help you straight away.


  80. greenbergsherpa@mac.com

    Hi Neely,

    I have a quick question. When Paleo diets talk about limiting carbohydrates to 50-100 grams per day, are they talking about net or total carbs. This would seem to make a big difference when you are eating lots of vegetables. I am enjoying your site. I took the Nutrition Essentials class with you.


    Alan Greenberg

    • Neely

      greenbergsherpa@mac.com – Hey! So I can’t speak for other people who suggest the 50-100g per day, but I can tell you that when I’ve said that, I’ve meant total carbs. Hope that helps.

  81. stephanie Guditus

    I’ve been paleo for about a year now, but recently fell off the bandwagon due to stress and being overwhelmed with school and my work life! But, going back on this website is making me eager to start my healthy paleo ways again. You guys have great recipes.. I’ve tried a lot so thank you, and keep up the hard work!

  82. Kim Janzen

    I see info on the ebooks…do you have any hardback books? I enjoy ebooks but am still old fashioned and love a book I can turn real pages in!

    • Neely

      Kim Janzen – We wrote the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Paleo, which you can buy on Amazon!

  83. Melissa

    Hi Neely,
    I really enjoy the website, so many informations, it’s great! I’ve been doing pale for over 3 months and I feel amazing. I realized I do not tolerate dairy AT ALL! After eating bread, my hands and feet swell up… I hate that feeling (which makes it much easier for me to stick to paleo).
    My only issue is that I’m allergic to almonds and lots of recipes use almond flour. Is there a substitute that I could use (one for one)?
    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

    • Neely

      Melissa – Maybe sweet potato flour or another nut flour would work one to one? I don’t eat nuts, so I always use a combination of tapioca flour and coconut flour, going a little heavier on the tapioca flour. Then I add more liquid to the mix to account for the density of the coconut flour.

  84. Yvette

    Paleo is a form of healthy eating, but is there a way to detox my body first to prepare for this change?
    I feel like I should enter this journey with a cleaner body and continue to have it that way.

  85. Mike Weaver

    I just recenlty had major knee surgury, 11 months ago. packed on the pounds from not moving to well. and now, I cant move any better do to the extra weight. very hard for me to bend/stairs with my knee. which excersises would work for me on this diet plan?

  86. Sarah

    I just decided to start eating Paleo to achieve some personal health and fitness goals I have. Can I use the fake spray butter on vegetables, or is that a no-no?


    • Neely

      Sarah – Yes, that is a no-no. The “fake” stuff is usually trans-fats, which even our government agrees are bad for us. So no, please, for the love of God, do not use that stuff :)

  87. andrea

    ok. i’m gonna try this. i have so much fat and cellulite on me its ridiculous. i’m 56, work and am tired at 2pm every single day. i come home and sit on the recliner. that’s my life. i do not like it. helllpppppp!!!!!!!!

  88. Noreen D

    I’m surprised that you include nitrates in your meal plans. Don’t they contain ingredients that are harmful? I love bacon and hot dogs but I thoiught they were no no’s.

    • Neely

      Noreen D – You can find all those foods without added nitrates in health food stores.

  89. Jason Spangler

    Neely, do you have a prosthetic leg? It looks like you do in one of your pictures and I’m wondering if that had a role in your excellent choice to follow Paleo Plan.


    • Neely

      Jason Spangler – No, I do not have a prosthetic leg.

  90. Loren

    Third week into Paleo and loving the recipes and the way I feel! I teach fitness classes part time and am a full time graduate student so the plans make it really easy to save time and money on a busy schedule. Thanks! Hope I can post a success story in a few months.

  91. Jay

    I’m planning on starting up a Paleo diet on February 1st. Going shopping for ingredients soon, I see sweet potatoes on a lot of stuff. Are regular potatoes of any kind allowed? Not a fan of sweet potatoes. Any help would be appreciated. Oh also any other good salad dressing ideas. Only ones I’ve found so far are olive oil and lemon juice. Thanks again

  92. Minnesota

    I am in need of gaining weight can I do this with this diet and is it gluten free?

  93. Pamela C

    Can you have sweet and low on paleo

    • Neely

      Pamela C – No.

  94. Jessica Cuellar

    Meant to say that I cancelled on January 27th.

  95. Ariel

    Hello Neely,

    I am curious. I have struggled with eating disorders and weight issues my whole life. My girlfriend is so fed up with me because I am that crazy “fad” dieter. I try not to be because I know from my eating disorder treatment that diets do not work etc, but I just want to lose weight and quickly. I try so many things and fail. I want to become healthier all around just so I can feel better, but like I said my girlfriend is fed up and we do not have a fortune to spend on healthy foods. Would this lifestyle work on a budget? Like 300 a month grocery budget? Also would it be a good thing to help my energy, my exhaustion (I can sleep for 12 hours and still be tired), my headaches, etc? I am a caffeine addict and I know I cannot do that, also I love chocolate, so are there any types of chocolate, dark maybe, that are okay? Also I was on the Paleo Plan Food Guide website and would that be cost effective as well? Like I said money is an issue and my girlfriend is sick of me going crazy with fad diets, or crazy ideas and spending money we do not have to please my weight-loss struggles. We want a healthy, lifestyle change that is something we can utilize for life not just until our cravings win, and that will not cost us hundreds of dollars and makes us live good lives. Any advice? I have heard this is a great lifestyle but again money is an issue when you are a college kid!

  96. vijai

    Can you tell me if flour of roots of tree can falls in paleo diet. Such as Tapoica or casava etc.?

    • Neely

      vijai – Yes, tapioca (cassava and tapioca are the same thing) is Paleo.

  97. Dawn

    I have been diagnosed with a plethora of medical difficulties, the most recent being Lyme Disease. I would really appreciate some advice about a Paleo diet. I have extremely low vitamin levels, anemia, vitamin D, etc. I also take medications for pain, inflammation, etc. I think I would really like the to try the Paleo diet but I don’t know how to start, please give me some advice on how to start and what I can say to my doctor. Thank you for your time.

    • Neely

      Dawn – A great way to start is with our meal plan, since it takes the thinking out of the equation for you and just lets you hop right into Paleo. You can find it at http://www.paleoplan.com/paleo-meal-plans. Hope that helps!

  98. Maryse

    Loved the recipes
    I am allergic to all nuts
    What can I use instead of Almond flour?

  99. Jess

    Hi there, I was wondering if I can eat potatoes on a paleo diet?

  100. Kim

    Is it okay to have Ezekiel Sprouted bread in the morning with peanut butter or almond butter?

    • Neely

      Kim – Both of those things are not Paleo.

  101. Jeff McQueen

    Hi Neely:

    I’m just starting on a Paleo diet and stopped at your site. My daughter’s name is “Neely McQueen,” which I took as a sign. Being half Celtic . . . we’re a little superstitious that way.

    Just wanted to say “Hi.”


    • Neely

      Jeff McQueen – Hi! Yes, my first name was my grandmother’s maiden name and she was Irish. And one of my nicknames is “Queenie” :) Your daughter has a lovely name! And welcome to Paleo. Let me know if you have any questions.

  102. Henrique N

    love u guys u rock!

  103. Pieter van der Mijden

    Dear team members,

    I have the recipe book since a few day`s.
    All the recipe`s i`ve seen so far sounds tasty.

    How ever , a few things are a bit unclear for me

    1 – Sausages, aren`t they prosessed. have other stuff in it that isn`t the best, and being really fat.
    2 – Salt, i always though that salt was a bad thing, like sugar.
    3 – Chocolade, I i think off chocalade I think of fat people like myself.
    4 – Butter, thats like liquid fat.

    Could you clear this up for me please ?

    • Neely

      Pieter van der Mijden –

      1 – You can find sausages that are just meat and spices. They don’t have to be filled with chemicals. And fat doesn’t make you fat.
      2- Salt is fine in moderation, especially when you use sea salt instead of highly processed, chemical-laden iodized salt.
      3 – Chocolate is fine if eaten in moderation, and if you consume dark chocolate so it’s not filled with sugar
      4 – Butter is not in any of our recipes. However, fat does not make you fat, if that’s what you’re insinuating. Too many calories, too many carbs, and inflammation make you fat. Paleo will help with all of that.

  104. Eric

    Hi im a d1 athlete for soccer about to enter freshman year in college. I have been training for preseason and i’m doing paleo. I am trying to lower my body fat. I have been pretty strict but I am not sure If I should be eating plantains and bananas. I eat 2 plantains a day (during breakfast and lunch) and a banana after practice. Is this ok

    • Neely

      Eric – If you’re playing soccer, you’re going to need a lot more carbs than that, actually. So yes, that’s find that you’re eating plantains and bananas. If you start to feel dizzy, weak, fatigued, grumpy, or lethargic, start eating more carbs. Tapioca flour, honey, and fruit go a long way in taking care of that for endurance athletes.

  105. Michele

    We just started with Paleo Plan a few weeks ago and it has made our lives so much easier! I decided to go Paleo months ago and ordered the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook which we loved but quickly went through all the recipes and started slacking with all the planning required for meals week in and week out. My husband went back to a lot of the “old stuff” he use to eat but with the Paleo Plan we have been able to maintain it easily! I did not start Paleo to lose weight just wanted to be healthier. Like most people though there were a few pounds that needed to come off and the last couple years I had bounced up and down a few pounds. Within a short time after starting Paleo I had lost the 15 pounds to reach my goal weight without even trying! (Must admit to not working out much at all during those months either) Use to be after regular meals I would feel bloated and uncomfortable, eating Paleo has stopped that too. Now I do work out more because I have more energy and am toning up. I admit when I first started I felt sluggish, started getting headaches but all that went away. I read that this was part of the detox process your body goes through when you start eating healthier, kind of scary that I put things into my body that even required detoxing! Thank you Paleo Plan for helping us maintain a healthy lifestyle with our busy schedules! One other thing is that we do not have to make a lot of special trips for unusual items most everything in the plan I can get at my local grocery store. We are lucky to live in a town that has a lot of all natural items, local produce and meats at all of our grocery stores.

  106. Chris

    Greetings Neely,

    I am doing some research on the Paleo way of eating and I am starting to transition my food choices into this very healthy way of eating and exercise. I was reading the Practical Paleo book and saw that Kerrygold butter, which is from natural, grass-fed cows, is acceptable to include. However, I noticed that you are not recommending any form of butter or Ghee. Can you please help to clarify the two thoughts of mind?

    Thank you

    • Neely

      Chris – Yeah, I don’t know why Paleo people suggest that people use butter when they’re first starting out Paleo. Part of the first month or so of Paleo is to try to figure out what exactly you’re sensitive or intolerant to. Dairy is one of the most common things that people can not tolerate – even butter. In my opinion, you shouldn’t use dairy for the first few weeks at least. Then try dairy in whatever form you want and see how you feel. You should at least give yourself the opportunity to find out if it bothers you.

  107. Sue Cawley

    I just started the Paelo Autoimmune Diet. I came upon your website and almost fell completely in love. There are a few items on your list that I am not supposed to eat – i.e., eggs. Does your meal plan take into account the autoimmune Paleo or just Paelo. I truly need ideas, inspiration, HELP in getting this going. I am at the point that I crave salted potato chips or pretzels – they’re truly off the diet – so anything you can do to assist me off to a good start so I can heal my autoimmune disease while on the Paleo diet will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!

    • Neely

      Hi Sue Cawley – We have a 3 week meal plan for people on the Paleo AIP in our 21-Day Cleanse ebook. It has a menu for every meal of the day, grocery list, and recipes. It’s egg, nut, dairy, grain, nightshades, and legume free. You can find it here:

      Good luck to you!

  108. sally ann kates

    If I use pea powder made from yellow peas but am following the Paleo Diet plan am I undoing all the good the Paleo diet has done. I just get tired of meat and would like to be able to have a powder for smoothies instead. If I do consume pea powder what would be an acceptable amount. thank you very much

    • Neely

      sally ann kates – It really depends on how your body responds to pea powder. If I ate it, I’d probably have digestive issues, but if you eat it and you feel fine, it’s probably ok. There’s also these new beef protein powders and grass-fed whey protein if you tolerate dairy at all. Egg protein powder works for some people, too, but definitely know the source of those eggs – conventional eggs are pretty nasty.

  109. Jenn

    Hi Neely! I’m really hoping you can help me with my question. My mother-in-law was in a car accident one year ago and is now in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down. She is 5’3″ and has gained a little over 20 pounds since her accident and has been trying to lose weight but with no success. Recently she tried eating what sounds like a somewhat Paleo-ish diet for about a month with a little Ezekiel bread two days a week and fruit only two days a week, no other processed foods. (There’s a name for the diet she was following but I don’t remember what it’s called! I just know you eat certain things on certain days.) She actually gained a few pounds doing this and is pretty frustrated.

    Do you have any advice for the kind of eating lifestyle she should adopt? Her doctor told her that she should only be eating 800 calories a day since she isn’t able to walk/work the larger muscle groups in her legs.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Neely

      Jenn – I would have her try eating strict Paleo and pretty low carb, cut out the ezekial bread to see if she has a grain intolerance (sometimes eating grains doesn’t allow you to lose weight if you have problems with them). And don’t eat too much. He’s right that she doesn’t need much, but 800 calories sounds ridiculous…

  110. Joe Horton

    Hi Neely, I’m 63 years old and have a Heart problem.My Dr’ has approved me to go on the Atkins diet what would be the difference in the Paleo Diet and the Atkins Diet.And should people with heart problems go on it?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe

  111. Deb

    Good morning … I am getting ready to begin The Paleo Diet and am thrilled to have found this site. The fact that the menus are designed with 2 in mind makes it very perfect for us. I do have an interesting question. I know that I will be a good participant as that is the way I am …. but my husband will “sneak” or “cheat” (example: can’t imagine him giving up his nightly wine) … Will that be an issue ???

  112. Anonymous

    Hi I’ve just been reading through your site, especially the exercise section as I am a qualified Exercise Physiologist and PT who specialises in Pregnancy and Post Natal exercise. I am absolutely horrified to see your fitness “expert” recommend planking to women who have been diagnosed with a Diastasis Recti. Is this guy for real? Planking is possibly the worse exercise for any woman with this condition, unless you are happy for your insides to fall out, bulge or create so much intra abdominal pressure that you end up with Incontinence! Unfortunately advice like this tends to lead thousands of women to trainers like myself who then have to deal with the devastating affects of a Prolapse. I’m not surprised as he is obviously a Cross Fitter and they are renowned for creating debilitating injuries to post natal women. Please, please, please remove this advice from your otherwise fantastic website.

    • Max Shippee

      Hello Anonymous Reader!!

      So glad you’ve taken the time to comment and call attention to this recommendation!

      It’s been some time since I’ve gone over the movement recommendations, and it looks like this one in particular could use a revamping, yikes!

      When I was first exposed to a client that had diastasis, I called a full stop to ANY “ab movement” until I did even a little research to see exactly what it was that was going on. In that initial research, it seemed to me, that any static hold was superior to any kind of crunch or sit-up movement. Upon further research (yes, due to your comment) I now see that we shouldn’t be recommending that either.

      At our gym CrossFit 1440, we have a great relationship with a few local PTs and pride ourselves by having a very near zero injury rate. While it is true that there are establishments with inexperienced trainers in CrossFit, and other disciplines, that may not be keenly aware of the risks involved in high intensity movement of any kind, we think that form is paramount, in everything from the push-up to pull-ups to Olympic lifting. Also, we scale and adjust our workouts for each individual, and like to keep people coming back for the long haul, since we’re in it for the long haul as well. If people are hurt, they don’t come back and it not only speaks bad for our gym, but for CrossFit as a whole! We wont to do better!

      For someone like to you to offer your expertise in this area is very VERY important to those of us that DON’T have the in depth knowledge that you have. I don’t know of anyone that would give advise knowing that it could potentially hurt someone! It’s just that people (myself included in this case) don’t know! I’m actually very grateful that you’ve made this comment, so that now we can learn something. It’s important to me that accurate knowledge is being spread, especially to the mothers among us who are trying to get their fitness back!!

      In your expertise as specialist in the field of pregnancy, do you know of any other movements that would be a good fit for people who have this issue? It would not only be good for the fine readers here at Paleo Plan, but I would love to have something to offer my clients as well!

      If you would be able to take the time to help us make a better recommendation for people, we would LOVE your input! And what better way for us all to learn than to have a dialogue about it!

      Please reply and let us know, this is a learning website, and we want to do just that!

  113. Maryann

    Hi ,

    any advice for someone with RA starting this diet to stop inflammation?

    • Kinsey Jackson

      Hi Maryann,
      I have RA myself, and just wrote an article about how I was able to overcome it by eating Paleo. The Paleo diet is AMAZING for reducing inflammation in the body that is often occurring secondary to ‘leaky gut syndrome.’ The goal in overcoming chronic inflammation and autoimmunity is to heal the gut, and we have a great resource here that can help with that. Let us know if we can be of further assistance, and I wish you the best on your journey!

      Best regards,
      Kinsey Jackson, MS, CN

  114. Evie

    Is it possible to be vegetarian and paleo as well because for my own personal ethical reasons I haven’t consumed meat or fish for nearly two years now and was wandering if it’s going to be hard to find all of the right nutritional value?! Also would it be a problem being 14 and doing it?!

  115. Caroline

    I see in some of your recipes the use of 1C. of dates in the zucchini muffins, for example. These contain a lot of sugar. Why use so much sweetness? Also, a question about food combining. According to the principles, sweets should be eaten separately as well as fruit. I see you have some recipes that incorporate fruit along with other foods. In the paleo diet, is that not a concern? If eating whole foods, does this really matter?
    Thank you.

    • Aimee McNew

      Hi Caroline,

      The sweetness of the recipe(s) using dates can always be customized to your liking. You can always reduce the amount of dates in the recipe, or sweeten with alternatives, like raw stevia plants. As for food combining, it really isn’t a concern with Paleo. As you mentioned, when you’re eating whole, good quality foods, food combining is unnecessary, and in general, may actually detract from the dietary benefits. Our bodies are made to be able to digest the different forms of macronutrients together, especially when we are supplying it with healthy, whole foods on a regular basis! When you do want to enjoy fruit or date-sweetened food items, there’s no need to worry about when you eat them for digestive purposes, although I am a big proponent of eating carbs, sugars, or starches with some form of protein or fat for blood sugar balance.

  116. Leslie L

    Hello…I have done Paleo before but usually get overwhelmed with the planning process so I really like the way your site is set up. However, I do not eat fish or shellfish of any kind and noticed it’s in the first two week’s menus… is there somewhere I can change preferences or switch out the recipes?

    • Sally Barden Johnson

      Hi Leslie. Thanks for your question. I would suggest going to the recipes section of the website and choosing something you like from the many free recipes we have listed there. Just substitute any recipe(s) into your meal plan. Sally.

  117. Mary

    I had gastric bypass surgery four years ago. I have been told to get at least 60 – 80 grams of protein per day. Since my stomach is now a small pocket I can’t eat much at one time so I have been instructed by my Dr. to drink a protein drink call “Unjury” three times a day. I have pretty much stayed away from sugar, white flour, and rice. However, I do like to have a nice bowl of Steal cut oatmeal some times, and in the winter I love to have homemade soup loaded with vegetables, beans and meat. These I see in the article I read are discouraged. Could you give me some insight on how to handle the protein issue? Thanks

    • Sally Barden Johnson

      Hi Mary,
      I’m glad to hear you’re tolerating at least some meat and that you’ve removed a lot of highly processed carbohydrates from your diet. You’re halfway to Paleo already! If you go strict Paleo, beans and oats are off the table and here’s a link to an article on our website detailing what is, and what is not Paleo, and why: http://www.paleoplan.com/resources/paleo-plan-food-guide/. Regarding protein, each ounce of meat, poultry and fish contains 7 grams of protein. You can calculate the number of grams you’re getting daily if you add up the grams of protein in each shake plus 7 grams for each ounce of meat. A handy visual for an ounce of meat is a matchbox. Three ounces of meat is about the size of the palm of your hand. If you can only tolerate small portions of meat at a time, you can space out your servings throughout the day. Are you interested in moving off the shakes? This is something to discuss with your doctor and it depends on how well you’re tolerating protein from food. With some experimenting, you’ll discover what you tolerate and whether the shakes, oats and beans should stay or go. I think you’ll find a lot of the comments on this post-gastric bypass surgery Paleo forum interesting and informative: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/forum/thread54455.html. Keep in touch and let us know how you’re doing! Sally.

  118. Stephanie

    I have Crohn’s disease (mild to moderate) and some GERD. I’ve seen many different suggested diets (FODMAPS, SCD). They often have contractictory foods listed. Is Paleo recommended for Crohn’s? In combination with these other diets? Thanks

  119. Marilyn

    Lentils are seeds, not legumes as categorized on the food guide. Similarly quinoa is a seed, and not a grain. Are they thus acceptable foods to eat?

    • Sally Barden Johnson

      Hi Marilyn,

      Seeds of leguminous plants are classified as legumes and lentils are the seeds of a plant in the leguminous Papilionaceae family. This is the same family that beans and peas belong to. Quinoa is a pseudo grain; seeds that behave like grains in our gut. Grains, legumes and pseudo grains all have the potential to damage our guts either directly or indirectly and create “leaky gut” https://www.paleoplan.com/2014/11-20/autoimmune-epidemic-part-2-leaky-gut/. That said, legumes and pseudo grains are grey area foods that some people following a Paleo diet tolerate well and eat in moderation. At Paleo Plan, we adhere to a strict Paleo diet and you won’t find these foods included in our Meal Plans.

      Because so many people are sensitive to pseudo grains and legumes and don’t even realize it, I recommend that you eliminate lentils and quinoa from your diet for two to three weeks and see how you feel. If your not sure, add them back, one at a time a fews days to a week apart and see if you react negatively to either one. For a little more info on quinoa, check out this article, https://www.paleoplan.com/2012/07-16/is-quinoa-paleo/ and for more on legumes, here’s https://www.paleoplan.com/2011/03-30/why-no-grains-and-legumes/ and https://www.paleoplan.com/2011/04-27/phytates/. I also recommend Chris Kresser’s article, http://chriskresser.com/are-legumes-paleo.

      I hope this helps!


  120. Kelsey

    Hi, I was wondering if this diet has helped anyone with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis? I have this which causes my hypothyroidism and even though my labs “look great” I feel anything but great. I don’t know what else I can do but make a change in diet to possibly help my symptoms, I just want to feel better again!

  121. Patril

    What are your thoughts on organic non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening (mechanically pressed organic Palm oil)?For pie crusts, and baking etc. Thanks!

    • Sally Barden Johnson

      Hi Patril,

      Organic non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/organic_palm_shortening.htm and mechanically pressed organic Palm oil http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/red_palm_oil.htm are both great for baking however, be aware that Palm oil has a red/orange color from all the carotenes it contains and it will turn your baked items a similar red/orange color.

      When buying these oils, look for sustainably produced products that support small scale farms such as the Tropical Traditions brand linked above.


  122. Tammy

    Hi ! I have been a pescatarian for 41 years. I am unsure why you are discouraging Paleo when clearly there are many things I could eliminate from my diet that will improve my health. Do you think my health would suffer eating this way ? I have no interest in eating meat, chicken or pork. Thanks ! Tammy

    • Kinsey Jackson

      Hi Tammy,
      You can definitely eat a Paleo pescatarian diet! I’ve seen lots of healthy Paleo people who only consume seafood as their “meat” and do fine with it. We just recommend eating a wide variety of different seafoods to maximize your nutritional intake.

      Best of luck and health to you!
      Kinsey, Paleo Plan

  123. Sandra Cowan

    I love paleo, but I am a single woman whom is financially challenged. I’m wanting to know if there is a way to eat paleo, on a very small amount of money to spend on food,what spice do you need to have in your cabinet, things to start with, have all the staples.


    • Kinsey Jackson

      Hi Sandra,
      You have great timing! We’ve been talking all about how to eat how to eat Paleo on a budget this week and last in our 30 Day Paleo Challenge group on Facebook.In general, buying in bulk and shopping in season are key. Salt and pepper are the two main spices to have on hand for cooking. We also discussed Paleo on a budget in last week’s newsletter (sign up on our home page) and in our video chat with the Nutritionists last week, and here’s a blog with 10 tips for eating Paleo on the cheap. Hope this is helpful info for you!

      In good health,
      Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CNS®
      Paleo Plan Nutritionist

  124. Y

    I need some help. I have been on a modified Paleo diet for a little over 3 years for medical reasons. All was going fair until about a year ago and now the doctors are going to run some tests on me that require even more special diets. The first one is 100 grams of fat per day and the other is NO avocados, bananas, butternuts, cantaloupe, dates, eggplant, grapefruit, hickory, honeydew, kiwi, melon, nuts, pineapple, plantain, plums and tomato based foods or drinks. I already CANNOT have any gluten, white meat potatoes, corn, legumes of any kind including peanuts, any type of citrus including tomatoes, no processed foods and no cows milk or milk products.And NO MUSHROOMS, i’m allergic to them. So what I need is help coming up with a 7 day menu that fits all the above criteria.

    • Sally Barden Johnson

      Hi Y,

      Yes, your prescribed diet is quite restrictive. I think it would be a good idea for you to work one on one with a nutritionist to put together a nutritious meal plan that meets your specific needs. We have personal Paleo coaching here, http://www.paleoplan.com/resources/private-paleo-coaching/.

      I hope we can be of help!


  125. mary brummett

    To Kinsey, I’ve been looking for a nutritionist. Thank God for you. I am 70 years old. I take all kinds of vitamins and minerals. If you can help at all, I would be most thankfujl.

    • Kinsey Jackson

      Hi Mary,
      Thank you for your very kind words. I sent you an email and look forward to helping however I can!

      In good health,
      Kinsey Jackson, Paleo Plan

  126. rebecca

    hi i am getting ready to start working at sprouts farmer’s market and today i just saw the free fruit for kids program, and i live in az and trying to see and research how can go about to get signed up and started with the program. because the info on your page show this to our store to get them signed up?

  127. On My Way On My Way

    Hi Kinsey,

    I really loved reading everyone’s story. Kinsey story really stuck out so I’ll address this to Kinsey, but if she’s not available I’ll take anyone’s advice. I had a friend tell me about the Paleo diet because since she’s known me for about 15 years now I have been on a MANY diet with very little success. I have read a little up the Paleo diet and I am still learning and trying to understand the concept, but I Love, Love milk especially cheese. I’m afraid it’s going to be hard to part with dairy products and latte’s with espresso in the mornings. I come from a Hispanic background and growing up I ate pretty healthy as my mother was a heath freak that only cooked with herbs and no salt, plus once in a blue moon she gave us tuna from a can because she was so worried about what the aluminum can could do to ones memory and also worried about the preservatives and any nitrates ham could have… Ironically, although my mother was really healthy and gave us meat once a week and alternated fish and chicken, never aloud us to eat fried foods, or to eat can foods and processed foods, she passed from Alzheimer’s Disease. My father in the other hand had all kinds of ailments, starting with very high blood pressure 195/104 which caused him to have a stroke and that was the beginning of his failing heath, plus Coronary Artery Disease, Dysphagia (due to the stroke) to name a few, but he passed from Pneumonia. My health really concerns me. I am 47 years old and in 2012 was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I am 4’10 and weigh 156lbs, I work at a desk job at times 12 to 14 hours straight. I am trying to incorporate walking 3 times a week. I have been on Weight Watchers for about 3 years and have struggled with weight issues ever since I gave birth. I was always thin up to having children. I lost about 25 pounds on WW, but then gained all it back within like 6 months and then some…. My doctor told me that if I lost at least to start 20lbs, I could get off the BP medication, beside trying to get off the only medication I’m on want to get healthy and not go through the struggles my dad did with his health because he did plenty fad diets and really did not eat healthy. That is a big concern of mine and my goal. After WW changed their plan several times it has been harder to lose any weight, I actually feel like I’m gaining weight instead of losing it, I feel more sluggish and always tired. My thinking process is all in the WW points system and I am stuck. I am not sure where to begin with the Paleo diet, I don’t want to give up when I haven’t even started the Paleo yet and I’m worried that doing the Paleo diet plus sitting all day will add more weight instead of helping me. I am a little lost on where to begin and concerned that I may not have at times the time to plan ahead. I have looked at the pre-planned menus, but I am worried about the foods incorporated because I look at food in a points aspect. like eating avocado was something that I avoided on WW because it incurred to many points for a piece of fruit. Is there any advice that you can give me to help me start with the Paleo diet? Where can I go to find more info? Is there an email address that I can email a nutritionist instead of posting this in the Comment section?

    Thank you so much for your time in advance!

    I hope o hear form you soon :)

    • Kinsey Jackson

      Thank you for your comment and your kind words, and I’m sorry to hear about all of the health struggles in your family.
      The Paleo diet is wonderful for optimizing overall health and I hope that you give it an earnest shot! It’s very different from the Weight Watchers approach to eating, and may require you to re-define your definition of “healthy” foods. For example, avocados contain less carbohydrates and more healthy fats than other types of fruit, and are a wonderful Paleo fat source that doesn’t contribute to weight-gain/blood sugar issues like other higher-glycemic fruits. Grains and legumes are avoided because of their inflammatory properties. Etc.

      Our meal plans are a great place to get started eating Paleo and guide you in selecting and preparing health-promoting Paleo-friendly foods. We have a guided 30 day Paleo challenge starting up on Facebook in a few weeks, which you are welcome to join! We also have private Paleo coaching available, if you feel you’d benefit from more one-on-one guidance. I wish you the absolute best of luck and health on your journey!

      In good health,
      Kinsey Jackson, LMP, MS, CNS®
      Paleo Plan Nutritionist

  128. Rosanne

    Iis fish sauce interchangeable with clam sauce? I am making a marinade for a roast that calls for the fish sauce, and can’t find it.

  129. Soma S

    Interestingly, my husband had me change the URL to say servings =2 (shows up at the end of the address) and the recipe shows correctly. (correctly for 2 servings) Without someone to help me with that, it would never have showed correctly. I’m sure I’m not the only one that will come across this.?

  130. Sarah R

    Thinking about starting this , but I don’t want to give up coffee , will I fail to lose weight of I don’t ?

  131. Doris Black

    I am under doctor care but feel that is diet could help me with my medical issues. I have gastroparesis and a 60% of my esophagus muscle doesn’t work to push food down to my stomach. I also have another 60 lbs to lose. My doctor wants me to eat small meals every 2 hours. Will this plan work for me? Can the meal plans be broke down small enough for me to eat a partial meal every two hours?

    • Aimee McNew


      The meal plans are fully customizable, so you can alter number of servings, to make it work for you. We do offer a 2-week free trial, so you can get a feel for whether or not it works for you! Plus we have a great support team to help answer any questions. If you would like to start a trial, you can do so here: http://www.paleoplan.com/paleo-meal-plans/#pricing-options

  132. Linda

    Hi I saw this website on Facebook and was wondering if its good for a person who had there tyyroid remove and now has hypothyroidism and is taking Levothyrodxime

  133. Belinda susan marshall

    I was wondering about bananas and popcorn. Can we eat these

    • Aimee McNew

      Hi Belinda,

      Bananas are definitely Paleo, but popcorn is a grain, so it is not Paleo. If you want to follow a strict Paleo diet, avoid all corn products.

  134. Diane C

    I am new, and look forward to the D21 Program. I had joined the 30 Day Challenge, have all of the fabulous Paleo books. But it is so hard to do by myself.

    I feel so encouraged by this program and get totally involved with the group of D21 Program.

    Diane Cheney

    • Aimee McNew


      Glad to have you in the D21! I totally know it’s hard to do it alone, and I think you will enjoy the community!


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