Paleo Plan Offers Three Simple Ways to Follow The Paleo diet

Get lean and strong with weekly at-home, bodyweight workouts designed by our fitness expert.

I love it and use it every week. Love the ease of videos for form. I've noticed a difference.

– Anonymous
PaleoFit has changed more than my jean size. It has changed my marriage. Instead of sharing a platter of nachos, [my husband] and I now share workout stories. We challenge each other. We encourage each other to keep up, to plug on. – Anonymous

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Designed with Paleo in mind

PaleoFit is a perfect complement to Paleo Plan’s meal plan services. By eating Paleo, your body is already primed with ideal levels of protein and other macronutrients to take your personal fitness to the next level. PaleoFit’s unique combination of metabolic conditioning (cardio) and resistance training help you shed excess body fat while building lean muscle.

Who is PaleoFit for?

PaleoFit is ideal for people who are busy and don’t have time for a gym, or who just prefer doing workouts on their own at home. Workouts are meant to be done three days a week with an optional fourth day mini-workout.

Easy to adjust to your level

Some of us have been “away” from our fitness for a while and need to ease into things. Some of us already feel pretty fit and want a challenge. Our workouts are designed with multiple levels in mind. We post recommended adjustments so everyone gets a good workout, regardless of fitness level. Because the workouts can always be completed faster and at a higher intensity level, they scale to meet the ability of even the most advanced athletes.

All workouts created by our CrossFit coach and fitness guru

Max Shippee

CrossFit Coach and Fitness Expert

Max is a trainer and owner at CrossFit 1440 in Southern California. He has personally coached multiple clients who have gone on to lose over 100 pounds, and is a follower of the Paleo diet himself. Prior to CrossFit, Max was involved with bodybuilding and endurance training.

Questions and Answers

Do I need any equipment?

While almost all of the workouts can be done without equipment, there are a few inexpensive items that will make the workouts more effective, such as a jump rope and pull-up bar. We provide substitute movements for all exercises that use equipment.

What if I can’t do the workouts?

There will be times, especially in the beginning, when it may be difficult to perform certain movements. You may also run into limitations due to weather or not yet having the proper equipment. In all of these cases, we provide you with alternative movements and scaling ideas so you can easily get back to your workout.

I’m overweight/diabetic/have heart disease. Are these workouts safe for me?

As always, you should consult your doctor or primary health practitioner before starting any workout program. These workouts are designed to be approachable for the vast majority of people. Some people will need to take them very, very slowly. Yes, we want you to push yourself, and yes, the results are based on how much work you put in, BUT we want you to keep coming back for more workouts – not hurting yourself! Use your own judgment: know when to push, and when to go a little easier.

I’m pregnant. Is this program ok for me?

If you’ve already been doing some form of working out and these workouts are similar to what you’ve been doing, then yes, you should be fine. You should not, however, be trying to break records with your time or fitness while pregnant. Pregnancy is not the time to push your body to its limits, and is not the time to start a completely new workout regimen.

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